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7/6/2023: National Cherry Festival revokes Grand Traverse Teens for Life’s approval to join in community parade this evening

6/22/2023: One-Year Anniversary of Dobbs: Inspiring Women to Make a Choice for Life; Celebrating the Thousands of Lives Saved

5/18/2023: Governor Whitmer Signs Reckless Bill Mandating Abortion Be Included in Employer Benefit Plans

5/4/2023: Michigan Legislature Pursues Reckless Partisan Pro-Abortion Agenda, Sends Governor Whitmer Abortion Mandate for Employer Benefit Plans

4/5/2023: Abortion Obsessed Governor Whitmer Signs Sweeping Repeal of 1931 Abortion Law; Wipes Out Common Sense Protections Permitted Under Proposal 3 and In Place Under Roe v. Wade

3/17/2023: Michigan Senate Democrats Vote to Mandate that All Employer Benefit Plans that Cover Pregnancy Now Cover Abortion as Well

3/9/2023: Michigan Senate Democrats Send Sweeping Repeal of 1931 Abortion Law to Governor’s Desk; Follows House in Failure to Preserve Reasonable Protections Permitted Under Proposal 3 and In Place Under Roe v. Wade

3/8/2023: Right to Life of Michigan Political Action Committee Rescinds Endorsements of Two State House Representatives Following Vote for Sweeping Repeal of 1931 Abortion Law

3/3/2023: Michigan House Democrats Push Sweeping, Full Repeal of 1931 Abortion Law Through House; Fail to Preserve Reasonable Protections Permitted Under Proposal 3 and In Place Under Roe v. Wade

3/1/2023: Michigan House Judiciary Committee and Senate Health Policy Committee Recklessly Move to Overturn Longstanding Protections for Women and the Unborn in Final Stages of Pregnancy

11/9/2022: Statement by Barbara Listing, President, Right to Life of Michigan on Passage of Proposal 3

9/27/2022: New Details Emerge in Shooting of 84-Year-Old Prolife Canvasser

9/24/2022: Prolife Volunteer Shot During Door-to-Door Activities

7/1/2022: Governor Whitmer Seeks Insurance Coverage for Abortions

6/24/2022: Roe v. Wade Overturned: Back to States

6/21/2022: Michigan Pregnancy Resource Center Attacked

6/2/2022: RLM-PAC Endorses Tudor Dixon for Governor

5/6/2022: Telemedicine Abortion Ban Introduced

4/7/2022: Governor Whitmer Files Lawsuit to Find Right to Abortion

1/21/2022: 49th Memorial of Roe v. Wade

1/7/2022: Ballot Proposal Filed to Repeal Michigan’s 1931 Abortion Ban

12/1/2021: Supreme Court Must Overturn Roe v. Wade

9/29/2021: Governor Whitmer Promises to Veto Prolife Budget Items

9/22/2021: Michigan Legislature Passes Prolife Budget

7/30/2021: Right to Life Michigan asks Supreme Court to Overturn Roe v. Wade


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