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Right to Life of Michigan has four staff members in Metro Detroit devoted to multicultural outreach. To find out how you can get involved to help end abortion in the most vulnerable communities, contact our Multicultural Outreach Office at (313) 212-1326, or [email protected].

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Still on That Journey

In four short films, prolife advocate Christina Marie Bennett, herself almost aborted, explores feminism, Black history, and the barriers that often exist between the mainstream prolife movement and the African American community, all in the context of her own deeply personal story.

Produced by artist film studio Minus Red and award-winning director Jim Hanon.


Detroit Resources:
Are you pregnant and asking yourself how you can do this alone? There are a lot of people and organizations in Metro Detroit eager to help make motherhood work for you.

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Black Abortion Statistics
Abortion has a disparate impact on the Black community. Statistics in the United States and Michigan back up evidence that abortion providers target poor and minority communities for business purposes. Learn more about the numbers.

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Margaret Sanger & Planned Parenthood’s Eugenic Worldview
This detailed LifeNotes examines the life of Margaret Sanger, her views on eugenics, her association with well-known racists and the Ku Klux Klan, and the influence it has on Planned Parenthood today.

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