The Family

RLM is very much aware that we live in a rapidly changing world in which the momentum for change is causing traditional values and ethics to be roughly discarded. Abundant evidence to this fact is offered by the rising divorce rate, suicide among the young, the drug culture, abortion explosion, casual and carefree sex and child abuse. Even now steps to the legalization of euthanasia are being taken in many state houses under the artful name of “Right to Die.”

These trends contribute to and result in the contempt for life that is emerging as a national attitude and which constitutes a frontal assault upon the family and upon the sane and healthy development of our children. In view of the current acceptance of abortion as a means of birth control, and in sight of the explicit, gross and crude materials being offered as teaching tools (especially many of the Planned Parenthood movies), we heartily recommend that parents take an active part in monitoring such programs.

Wise civilizations have long understood that when strong family life prevails in a nation, it provides a citadel against attack from without and decay from within. To our troubled fellow citizens, RLM issues a clear call for a return to sanity, a renewed dedication to building, the rebuilding, and the preserving of a vibrant family life and the careful loving nurture of our greatest treasure—our children. We are confident that such a renewal would be accompanied by surging reverence for life, and we ask that it begin with each of us.