Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research

RLM opposes all forms of scientific research which involve the deliberate destruction of human embryos, including human embryonic stem cell research. This opposition encompasses the use of existing stem cell lines derived from human embryos. Science confirms that at fertilization a unique human individual is created. Such life is intrinsically valuable and should never be subject to deliberate manipulation or destruction.

While the goals of human embryonic stem cell research may be laudable, RLM rejects the utilitarian philosophy that the ends justify the means. Research which treats defenseless human beings as objects, and permits their abuse and destruction, is unethical and wrong, no matter what hypothetical future benefits may result.

Ethical avenues of stem cell research do exist such as those that utilize adult stem cells, or stem cells derived from placentas or umbilical cords. Such life-affirming research is encouraged by RLM.