Ultrasound Viewing Option

P.A. 77 of 2006
Amending M.C.L. 333.17015
H.B. 4446 – Rep. David Robertson

Current Status
The Ultrasound Viewing Option was signed into law by Governor Jennifer Granholm on March 23, 2006. This law was introduced by Rep. David Robertson and took effect immediately.

This law requires an abortion provider to present the patient with the opportunity to view the active ultrasound image of her growing baby as well as offer her a picture of that ultrasound image.

Those who work with women who are experiencing an unintended pregnancy indicate that an overwhelming majority of abortion minded women choose to bring their baby to term after viewing an ultrasound image of their unborn babies. When mothers see their baby sleeping or sucking their thumb in an ultrasound, they immediately start the bonding process. This law also requires the state to post on the Informed Consent web site the locations in Michigan where abortion minded women can get an ultrasound free of charge. These locations are pregnancy resource centers where a woman can also get counseling and other services her family needs. This new law will save lives and protect the health and well being of women.

H.B. 4446 was introduced on 3/3/05. It was reported out of the House Health Policy Committee on 5/3/05 with a vote of 13-2. Some clarifying amendments were adopted on the House floor, including an amendment to add information on the state web site as to where women can obtain a free ultrasound, along with the required informed consent written information. H.B.4446 passed the House of Representatives with a vote of 69-37 on 5/24/05. H.B. 4446 was heard in the Senate Health Policy Committee where it was reported out with a vote of 3-1 on 11/30/05. It was unanimously passed in the Senate 36-0 on 12/7/05, after an amendment was adopted. H.B. 4446 was concurred in the House of Representatives on 3/8/06, after a technical amendment was adopted, with a vote of 84-21. The Senate concurred 36-0 on 3/15/06. Governor Jennifer Granholm signed the bill into law on 3/23/06.