The Prolife Resolution

H.R. 22 – Rep. Luke Meerman
S.B. 8 – Sen. Lana Theis

Current Status

H.R. 22 was discharged to the House floor from the Judiciary committee without a hearing and was adopted via voice vote on June 22, 2021. Both H.R. 22 and S.R. 8 were introduced on January 28, 2021. S.R. 8 was also adopted by the Senate on the 28th. H.R. 22 was referred to the House Judiciary committee.


Both resolutions are identical. The resolution reaffirms Michigan’s long-standing legal and legislative prohibition of abortion and protection of the unborn.


Every year, abortion supporters submit a resolution commemorating the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. This resolution commemorates the fact that Michigan law and legal precedent protect unborn children. It is a reminder that while Roe v. Wade is currently in place and blocking our law from being enforced, Michigan law bans all abortion except to save the life of the mother. Our law is still in place and ready to be enforced when Roe is finally overturned, and the abortion decision is sent back to the states.


Resolutions have no force of law, but they are a good way to succinctly lay out legislative intent and historic background. This resolution contains a small history of the state’s effort to protect unborn children from abortion since 1846.