Stillborn Certificate Fee Waiver

H.B. 5289 – Rep. Julie Alexander

Current Status

H.B. 5289 was introduced on December 10, 2019 and was referred to the Families, Children, and Seniors committee.


H.B. 5289 removes the fee associated with obtaining a certificate of stillbirth.


Delivering a stillborn child is a devastating loss both emotionally and financially. Michigan lawmakers have tried to alleviate some of the financial burden with a tax deduction. Having to pay a fee to obtain the stillborn certificate is an added insult to a grieving family.


In 2006, Michigan passed a law that would allow a one-time tax credit for families who experienced a fetal death past 20 weeks gestation. In 2011, due to budget constraints, Governor Snyder removed the tax credit (along with many other tax credits). In 2018, the Michigan legislature passed an amendment to the Michigan tax code which allows parents to claim their stillborn child as a dependent on their Michigan tax returns. However, there is a small fee that is associated with obtaining a copy of the stillborn certificate.