Citizens Accountability Act

H.B. 4416 & H.B. 4417 – Rep. John Reilly

Current Status

H.B. 4416 and 4417 were introduced on March 21, 2019 and referred to the House Health Policy Committee.


P.A. 208 of 1999 requires doctors who treat a woman suffering from an abortion complication to report it to the state health department. There were 26,594 abortions in Michigan in 2017 and only 29 reported complications. The law is obviously not being followed as the reported rate of complications is unrealistically low. The postmarketing review of Mifeprex (the abortion pill) shows women will require hospitalization after taking the drug .04-.6% of the time. There were 9,422 pill abortions in 2017, so based on clinical data from the FDA, 26 women must have suffered a complication from the pill abortions alone, not counting the other 65% of abortions that were surgical. The Citizen Accountability Act would allow any individual who has knowledge of a woman being treated for an abortion complication to file a “Notice of Compliance” regarding Public Act 208. This notice would be filed simultaneously with the physician or facility treating the complication, the abortionist if he or she did not treat the complication, and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS). Because the current law does not require medical examiners to report deaths caused by abortion complications, and because a woman died from an abortion complication in 2015, the bill will also require county medical examiners to report abortion complications.


P.A. 208 of 1999 was passed in order to hold abortion providers to the same standards that other doctors are held and require them to report all complications from abortion. Doctors are required by law to report complications, omissions and accidents to the MDHHS. Abortion providers had not previously been required to report any complications, so studies have shown abortions as being extremely safe with very few complications. Even with the reporting law, the absurdly low number of reported complications allow abortion proponents to site the alleged safety of abortion. There have been numerous reports of ambulances arriving at abortion facilities by sidewalk counselors, Operation Rescue and 40 Days for Life volunteers, yet the complication rates reported to the state remain consistent. This bill will seek to remedy the unrealistically low complication rates being reported by allowing those citizens with actual knowledge of a complication to report it.


Shortly after the reporting requirement contained in P.A. 208 of 1999 became effective, it was evident that the abortion providers and emergency room physicians were not complying with the law. Versions of the Citizens Accountability Act have been introduced for several legislative sessions.