Abortion Provider Funding Ban

H.B. 4322 – Rep. Pam Hornberger

Current Status

H.B. 4322 was introduced on March 12, 2019 and referred to the House committee on Families, Seniors and Children.


H.B 4322 declares that state departments shall not contract with or distribute any grant monies or contracts to organizations that perform 120 abortions per year and advertise for abortions or organizations who are affiliated with abortion providers. This bill would amend the current law which requires the state departments to prioritize funding away from abortion providers, but which does allow funding to go to abortion providers is other providers are not available. This bill would prohibit any money going to abortion providers.


Abortion providers in the state receive thousands of dollars in federal pass through money for family planning services. While family planning services serve a legitimate function, it is the policy of the state that abortion is not considered family planning. Nationally, Planned Parenthood alone receives half a billion dollars in federal taxpayer money to perform STI testing, cancer screening and contraceptive counseling and distribution. Technically, family planning money is not to be used in the performance of elective abortions, but each dollar received by abortion providers for other services augments the fiscal bottom line of the abortion provider.


There have been numerous efforts throughout the United States to defund Planned Parenthood specifically as they are the nation’s largest abortion provider. There have been budgets that have attempted to reduce or eliminate funding directly from the state to organizations that provide abortions. This bill would create a legislative avenue to permanently redirect the funds rather than having to negotiate it out of each annual budget.