Vaccine Informed Consent

SB 1055 – Sen. Tonya Schuitmaker

Current Status

SB 1055 was introduced on June 7, 2018 by Senator Tonya Schuitmaker and referred to the Senate Health Committee.


SB 1055 will require medical personnel to inform patients if the vaccine they are planning on receiving has been developed on a cell line derived from an aborted baby and if an ethical alternative exists. In addition, the state website will be required to maintain a list of all the vaccines that have been created on fetal cell lines and any ethical versions that are available. The state will update the Vaccine Information Statement or VIS with this information. Doctors are required by law to provide patients with a VIS for each vaccine.  Patients will be informed that they have the option to decline the vaccine.


Many people are horrified to find out after the fact that the vaccine they or their child received was produced using cell lines derived from aborted babies. Even many doctors are unaware of this fact. This bill will serve to notify the public how certain vaccines are created and whether or not an alternative exists. In a free society, people have the right to know about not only the safety and efficacy of every vaccine, but also about how those vaccines were created. With broad public knowledge, it is possible that pressure will be applied to pharmaceutical companies to research and develop vaccines that have no fetal tissue involvement.


As we saw with the videos put out by the Center for Medial Progress, fetal tissue is taken from aborted babies, obtained by procurement companies and used by researchers. The use of aborted babies in medical research has been ongoing for decades, but most people are unaware that many of the common, required immunizations are developed on cell lines that were created using aborted babies. The two most commonly used cell lines were derived from abortions that took place in the 1960s. Proponents of these abortion tainted vaccines point to the fact that these abortions took place long ago. What they fail to realize is that new cell lines from recent abortions are actively being developed. Until the demand for vaccines that are ethically created exists, researchers will continue to exploit the tiniest humans for financial gain.

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