Pain & Symptom Management

S.B. 961 of 1994
P.A. 232 of 1994
MCL 333.16204a
Sponsor: Sen. Fred Dillingham

S.B. 962 of 1994
P.A. 233 of 1994
MCL 500.3406c, 3615
Sponsor: Sen. Fred Dillingham

H.B. 5335 of 1994
P.A. 234 of 1994
MCL 333.16431, 17033, 17431, 17533, 17731, 18033, 18233
Sponsor: Rep. Nick Ciaramitaro

H.B. 5337 of 1994
P.A. 235 of 1994
MCL 550.1417
Sponsor: Rep. Richard Bandstra

Effective Date: June 30, 1994

S.B. 961 creates an advisory board on pain and symptom management. It provides a forum that is open to all human health care professions and to all hospices licensed in developing an integrated approach to understanding and applying pain and symptom management techniques. The forum advises the licensing and registration boards and task force created, on the duration and content of continuing education requirements for pain an symptom management.

  • S.B. 962 requires insurers to offer coverage for hospice care.

  • H.B. 5335 requires that medical personnel furnish the board with satisfactory evidence of additional hours or courses in pain and symptom management in order to be eligible for license renewal.

  • H.B. 5337 requires health care corporations to offer coverage for hospice care.

  • H.B. 5339 was originally passed to require HMO's to offer coverage for hospice care, but the insurance code was rewritten and that section has now been included under insurers.

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