Abortion Injury Statute of Limitations

HB 4620 - Rep. Klint Kesto

Current Status

HB 4620 was introduced by Rep. Klint Kesto on May 17, 2017 and referred to the House Committee on Law and Justice.


This bill will enable women who have suffered a abortion related injury to bring charges against the doctor whenever she discovers the injury or whenever she feels ready to press charges.  There is currently a three year statute of limitations on bringing a lawsuit.  HB 4620 will remove the statute of limitations.



Some women who suffer an abortion related injury fail to seek justice in a timely fashion. In some cases, the woman doesn't know that she was injured and the injury isn't discovered for several years, often when she attempts to become pregnant again or during an exam. In other cases, the woman is either ashamed of the abortion and feels she deserves the injury or, she doesn't want to admit that she has had an abortion, so she doesn't report the injury or seek restitution.

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