Abortion Insurance Opt-Out Repeal

 SB 454 - Sen. Curtis Hertel

HB 4761- Rep. Christine Greig

Current Status
SB 454 and HB 4761 were introduced on June 14, 2017. SB 454 was referred to the Senate Health Policy Committee and HB 4761 was referred to the House Insurance Committee.


SB 454 and HB 4761 are identical bills that would repeal Michigan's Abortion Insurance Opt-Out Act.


With the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2013, the Federal and State insurance exchanges provide abortion coverage as a built-in benefit unless states pass legislation to remove it. Since insurance purchased on the exchanges is often purchased with tax subsidies, a law was needed to remove abortion coverage from the insurance plans in order to ensure that taxpayers weren't paying for abortions with their tax dollars.


The Michigan legislature passed the law to remove abortion as a built-in benefit in insurance plans and make abortion coverage an optional rider in December of 2012, however, Governor Snyder vetoed the bill. Right to Life of Michigan then formed No Taxes for Abortion Insurance, a committee to initiate legislation via petition. Over 313,000 signatures were collected and the House and Senate once again voted to approve the legislation, which was then veto proof. It became law on December 11, 2013.



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