No Abortion Providers in Public Schools

4883 - Rep. Tom Hooker


Current Status
H.B. 4883 was introduced on September 17, 2015 and referred to the House Education Committee.


H.B. 4883 amends the Revised School Code.  It states that entities that provide or refer for abortions will not be allowed to teach sexual education in public schools.


Organizations who provide or refer for abortions are often solicited to provide both educational resources and teacher training for sexual education. In addition, these organizations sometimes recruit and train teens to go back into their schools and do teen mentoring on sexual behavior. While teaching abortion as a method of family planning is already prohibited under the law, the fact that those who stand to gain financially from abortions are teaching sex education in the schools seems counterintuitive. In addition, because these organizations also provide contraception, and because the students will be encouraged to use various forms of contraception during the course of their sexual education, there appears to be a conflict of interest in providing sexual education to students when these same organizations also profit from the sale of contraceptives and abortion.


Michigan has implemented several laws regarding sexuality education within the public schools including not being allowed to teach that abortion is a family planning method, school personnel not being allowed to refer for abortion, and finally not being allowed to distribute contraceptives on school property. These efforts have helped curb the influence of abortion minded education from entering our schools, but unfortunately, Planned Parenthood is the nation's largest provider of sexual education and is also the nation's largest provider of abortion. They have been contracted by several local governments across America to provide sex education in schools. 



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