Late-Term Abortion Hospital Requirement

S.B. 523 - Sen. Patrick Colbeck

H.B. 4715 - Rep. Thomas Hooker

Current Status
H.B. 4715 was introduced on June 8, 2011 and referred to the House Committee on Health Policy. S.B. 523 was introduced on June 23, 2011 and referred to the Senate Committee on Health Policy. No action on either bill was taken during the entire 2011-2012 session. The bills "died" at the close of the session and will have to be reintroduced in the 2013-2014 session in order to receive any future consideration.

This legislation would require that all abortions after 19 weeks gestation be performed in a hospital with a neonatal unit. Before performing these late term abortions, the physician must establish with the neonatal unit a protocol consistent with the Born Alive Infant Protection Act to provide appropriate medical care in the case of a live birth.

While overall abortion numbers continue to decline in Michigan, the proportion of abortions at 20 weeks or greater is increasing. These late-term abortions have a much higher complication rate than first-trimester abortions, and at times result in live births. In spite of the risks to women and the possibility of delivering a live infant that will need medical care as required by the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, Michigan abortion data reveals that less than 10% of these abortions are performed in hospitals. The great majority are performed in abortion clinics that are not licensed as surgical facilities. Abortion clinics do not have the equipment or expertise to care for women who suffer complications, or for babies who survive the abortion attempt.

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