Choose Life License Plates

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I buy my Choose Life plate?

First, the legislature must authorize the creation of a Choose Life plate and the governor must sign the bill into law. Currently Gov. Snyder does not support the bill, but a strong vote in the Legislature may dissuade a veto by the governor. Get the current status of that legislation here. After the authorizing legislation is signed into law, the sponsoring organization, Choose Life Michigan, must pay a fee to the Secretary of State. That fee has not yet been determined as the formula for setting the fee was changed in the law last year. Fees may change further based on when the Secretary of State begins using a new printing technology to make the plates. The Secretary of State must approve the design of the new plate and then begin manufacturing it. It will take approximately 9 months from the time the law is approved until the plates are available for purchase.

How much will the Choose Life plate cost?

It will cost $35 extra to buy the Choose Life plate, of which $25 goes to Choose Life Michigan, and $10 goes to the Secretary of State as a service fee. You do not have to wait for your current plate to be up for renewal. You can simply trade it in for the Choose Life plate for $35. To renew your Choose Life plate, it will cost an extra $10 yearly. The full $10 will go to Choose Life Michigan.

What is Choose Life Michigan?

Choose Life Michigan is a committee established by Right to Life of Michigan, with a separate board comprised of prolife individuals. The Secretary of State will deposit quarterly proceeds from the plates into the Choose Life Michigan fund.

How will Choose Life Michigan disperse the funds?

The Choose Life Michigan board will review on a regular basis grant requests for abortion-prevention projects. They will disperse the funds for specific projects to promote adoption and other alternatives to abortion, provide practical support to pregnant women, or conduct outreach to at-risk populations about positive pregnancy outcomes.

Who can submit a grant request for the money?

An application process has been developed for submitting grant proposals. Once monies have been received from the sale of the license plates, notification of the grant application procedures will be available. Only nonprofit organizations will be eligible for grants. Grants will be for specific projects or programs designed to promote alternatives to abortion and abortion prevention awareness. Examples of nonprofit organizations that fit the description of likely grantees include those that promote adoption, pregnancy resource centers, and outreach services to populations with high abortion rates.

Will a minimum number of people need to buy the Choose Life plate?

Yes. According to state law, the organization sponsoring a fundraising plate must sell a minimum of 2,000 plates the first year, and then 500 new plates each year for 5 additional years, or the plate will be discontinued. We are confident that with your help, we would far exceed this minimum!

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