Prolife Youth Award

Annual Outstanding Prolife Youth Award

The Right to Life of Michigan Educational Fund annually awards a $500 scholarship in March to one outstanding prolife high school senior in Michigan. Selection criteria include an essay and past participation in prolife activities. Award candidates are nominated by their local RLM affiliates, please contact them for more information and to get involved.

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2018 Youth Award Winner - Brendan Delaney, Gaylord Right to Life

Brendan is passionate about contributing to the expansion of the Pro-Life movement and advocating to restore appreciation to all life. He joined the Gaylord Right to Life club in April of 2014 as an eighth grader and remained committed to the organization until graduation. While serving two consecutive terms as Vice President, Brendan submitted an article for the Teens for Life newsletter: “Life Fire” and helped fundraise for and design the “Vote Life” billboard that was erected in May of 2016 just north of Gaylord on Interstate 75. During the summers, Brendan carried the Gaylord Right to Life banner in the Alpenfest parade and participated in the annual Gaylord Teens for Life Car Wash and Diaper Raid to raise money for the New Life Pregnancy Resource Center as well as numerous other fundraisers throughout the years. Every August, Brendan supported the Otsego County Child Welfare Alliance by volunteering at the local Foster Care Recruitment Party. Brendan has attended every Right to Life of Michigan and Legislative Days Conference during his high school career. Brendan assisted in organizing and nominating contestants for the “Baby of the Year” competition all four years at the annual Gaylord Right to Life Benefit dinner and was a guest speaker in 2017 on behalf of Teens for Life. In 2016 Brendan assisted in arranging the first Gaylord Pro-Life Youth Conference at his high school. After winning locally, Brendan placed fourth at the Right to Life of Michigan State Oratory Contest in 2017, and later spoke to the underclassmen of his high school to promote future participation. Brendan served as Master of Ceremonies at the first Gaylord Teen Youth Rally and was a Keynote Speaker at the Gaylord Rally for Life. Throughout his Junior year, Brendan enrolled in a government class that indulged open discussion, allowing him to engage in debates over abortion as well as create and distribute Pro-Life political election posters. Brendan participated in the forty-fourth and forty-fifth March for Life in Washington D. C. as well as the local March for Life in Gaylord. Brendan intends on studying medicine and will be attending Purdue University Honors College in Indiana where he will join the Students for Life Group.

What can this next generation do to promote a positive prolife message?

Science and social media are the means by which my generation will positively advance the Pro-Life movement. A new area is on the horizon.

Where there is life, there is hope. Every day, scientific breakthroughs provide further evidence that life begins at conception. This information is by far the most impactful to abortion advocates, who are not swayed by religious or moral arguments. Medical advancements are allowing premature children to survive outside the womb at earlier and earlier stages, encouraging the sanctity of life to be restored. My generation will convey the message that science is on our side. What once benefitted the Pro-Choice argument now buttresses the Pro-Life movement and strengthens the veracity of those who defend the right to life.

Two Russians, two South Koreans, two foster care children; their lives began as unplanned pregnancies, and they were all adopted by wonderful families. They have become some of my closest friends and to think any of them may not have existed is unfathomable. These stories are all examples of mothers who chose life over death, stories that could inspire other similar situations. My generation has a medium of connection like no other: social media. Though often criticized for prolific use of technology, we, millennials, have the ability to communicate this message: you are not alone. Scientific breakthroughs, available resources, adoption information, heartwarming success and support stories can be broadcast to million. The debates, the questions, the plea for help; all voices can be heard. Pregnancy mothers, father, and family members can reach out for guidance without fear of stigma. Those filled with remorse due to their abortions can be supported through devastation and inspire others to choose differently.

Sunny skies or snow dampening my shoes, I pray the rosary on the courthouse lawn on Lenten Tuesdays for an end to abortion. I notice the appreciation in other’ eyes, as I am currently the only one under fifty years of age. They need not worry, for as they look at me, I recall walking the streets of Washington D.C. in the March for Life, surrounded by thousands of my peers, a sheer sign of our strength and commitment.

My generation will not rest until these positive messages are heard and acted upon and abortions are no more.

Honorable Mention - Clare Lindgren, Grand Rapids Right to Life

Clare Lindgren has been actively involved in the prolife movement for many years. She grew up participating in LIFE Chains, 40 Days for Life, and volunteering at the local pregnancy crisis aid center. Throughout high school she has been a member of the Grand Rapids Students for Life and a reliable volunteer for many of the Grand Rapids Right to Life events. In 2013, Clare was able to attend the March for Life and support the prolife movement in the nation's capital. Clare has written winning essays, three years running, for the high school prolife essay contest hosted by Grand Rapids Right to Life. In 2017, she also won first place in the National Right to Life essay contest. Clare has also volunteered at many prolife events, such as the annual memorial service for the unborn, the annual Benefit Life dinner, and the Grand Rapids Right to Life street and fair booth. Clare looks forward to attending the University of Dallas in the fall as she continues working for the prolife cause and witnessing to the beauty and dignity of human life.

From Clare’s essay: “In today’s age of technology and connections, everyone can have a voice to speak for the voiceless. Whether through social media, outreach groups or personal encounters, we must take every opportunity to educate others about the prolife message. However, in order to be effective, we must educate with love and compassion.”

Honorable Mention - Maria Gerring, Jackson County Right to Life

Maria is a homeschooled senior. She has been involved in the pro-life movement since an early age, attending annual Life Chains and 40 Days for Life with her family. Her involvement includes designing the winning 2017 Jackson Michigan Right to Life Billboard for the “Thank You Mom for My Life” contest; attending Right to Life of Michigan Legislative Day; helping to set up the Jackson Right to Life Focus on Life banquets; being a member of Jackson Michigan Students for Life, though which she helped organize a baby bottle drive for Birthline; and attending Students for Life of Michigan 10th Annual Activism & Training Conference. This fall, she will be attending Christendom College to study Literature and plans to continue her prolife involvements.

From Maria’s essay: “The importance of our generation spreading a positive prolife message has never been more necessary. So much of the world; the messages and words we see every day, are negative and promote the culture of death, which has a severe effect on the very makeup of society. One of the most important steps to spreading the prolife message in a positive way is to educate yourself about life issues; facts and statistics about abortion, scientific and moral objections, and moral obligations, and positive alternatives.”

Honorable Mention - Rori Richardson, Grand Traverse Area Right to Life

Rori Richardson is a four year member of St. Francis High School’s Students for Life group, and has been the leading officer for the past two years. She helped start a school tradition of a pro-life media day and coordinates St. Francis’s annual “Deck the Dresser” supply drive for the Pregnancy Care Center. Her favorite part of being involved in Students for Life is praying the Rosary outside Planned Parenthood every Friday. Rori has attended or helped with five Focus on Life dinners, including giving a speech at the most recent dinner to describe the growing Students for Life movement in her school. Her passion for defending life has been fueled by formative experiences such as the National March for Life, the Lansing Pro-Life Youth Legislative Day, a Doctor Prescribed Suicide seminar at her parish, and six local life chains. Rori loves volunteering at Single Mom Ministry, providing childcare during the group’s monthly meetings so the moms can have an “off-duty” night to be celebrated for their pro-life witness. Rori is excited to continue her involvement in the pro-life movement at Benedictine College, where she plans to study Biology and Spanish.

From Rori’s essay: “This generation is called to shine a light in the darkness by helping single moms, working in crisis pregnancy centers, visiting nursing homes, caring for the sick, and comforting those wounded by the culture of death. As pro-life witnesses, our joyful service will celebrate the inherent dignity in each individual, especially in the downtrodden and the voiceless.”

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