Prolife Quiz

1. When is abortion legal in the United States?

A. Only in the first 3 months

B. Throughout the entire span of pregnancy

C. Only in the first 6 months

2. With regards to abortion, the term "health" in Doe v. Bolton is defined to mean?

A. "A severe physical problem that might eventually endanger a woman's life."

B. "Any malady that causes intense pain or threatens the physical well being of the patient."

C. "All factors - physical, emotional, psychological, familial, and the woman's age relevant to the well- being of the patient."

3. True or False: Abortions rarely occur after the first trimester of pregnancy

4. True or False: Some states use tax-dollars to pay for the abortions of women

5. True or False: Planned Parenthood is a leading prolife organization

6. Approximately how many legal abortions have been performed in the United States since 1973?

A. 25 million

B. 37 million

C. 56 million

7. In what states are assisted suicide legal?

A. California, New York, Delaware

B. Hawaii, Oregon, New Mexico

C. Oregon, Vermont, Washington

8. True or False: No one knows when human life begins

9. Approximately when does the heart of an unborn child begin to beat?

A. Eight weeks after fertilization

B. Forty days after fertilization

C. Twenty-one days after fertilization

10. When does the unborn have all their major organs in place?

A. Sixteen weeks after fertilization

B. Eight weeks after fertilization

C. Thirteen weeks after fertilization

11. When does the unborn baby start sucking its thumb?

A. Eight weeks after fertilization

B. Twelve weeks after fertilization

C. Twenty weeks after fertilization

12. True or False: Embryonic stem cell research has never been used to cure any human patient.

13. Research using stem cells from adults and/or umbilical cords has helped people with which of the following diseases?

A. Parkinson's

B. Leukemia

C. Spinal-cord injuries

D. All of the above

14. In animal studies, embryonic stem cells have been shown to?

A. Cause tumors

B. Be rejected by the recipient's body

C. Both of the above

15. African-Americans, who comprise approximately 16% of our Michigan’s population, have what percentage of our state's abortions according to the Michigan Department of Community Health?

A. 49.6%

B. 16.5%

C. 30.8%

16. Somatic cell nuclear transfer is another name for what?

A. Stem cell research

B. Abortion

C. Cloning

17. True or False: Coerced abortion is currently occurring in China.

18. What makes human beings valuable?

A. Size

B. Weight

C. Mental capacity

D. None of the above


20. How many infant adoptions occurred for every 1,000 abortions in 1996 according to the National Council for Adoption and the Alan Guttmacher Institute?

A. 432

B. 17

C. 77

21. According to Alan Hazlett, the past president of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys how many couples are looking to adopt for every newborn child available for adoption?

A. 4 or 5

B. 30 to 40

C. 20 to 25


Number 1- Answer: B. Number 2- Answer: C. Number 3- Answer: False. More than 100,000 abortions occur after the end of the first trimester each year in the United States. Number 4- Answer: True. In some states women on Medicaid have their abortion paid for by the state government. The state of Michigan stopped using Medicaid funds to pay for abortion in 1988.  Number 5- Answer: False. Planned Parenthood is America's #1 abortion provider, providing more than 320,000 abortions in 2013 according to their annual report. Number 6- Answer:  C. Number 7- Answer: C. Number 8 - Answer: False. Numerous textbooks in embryology clearly state that at fertilization the life of a human being has begun. Number 9- Answer: C. Number 10- Answer: B. Number 11- Answer: A. Number 12- Answer: True. Number 13- Answer: D Number 14- Answer: C. Number 15- Answer: A. Number 16- Answer: C. Number 17- Answer:  True. China's policy of one child per couple coerces many women into abortion because of the high fines that they would otherwise have to pay. Number 18- Answer: D. Number 19- Answer: B. Number 20- Answer: B

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