What Churches Can Do To Promote Life

Below is a listing of simple, life-focused suggestions which Right to Life of Michigan has compiled in response to requests from churches. Actively promoting a culture of life throughout the year can be inspiring and enjoyable!

  • Provide an opportunity for a representative from the local Right to Life of Michigan Affiliate to give an update about their work in the community and share how volunteers can become involved in embracing life.

  • Encourage youth to participate in local Right to Life of Michigan oratory contests and acknowledge teens who have participated. One idea is to recognize participants in a special way and possibly allowing them to give their speeches in front of the congregation.

  • Pray a prayer of blessing for a family who is expecting a child. This shows that every child is welcomed by your faith community before he/she is born enforcing the humanity of the unborn and recognizing a precious and irreplaceable child.

  • Increase your congregation's awareness of the needs of local crisis pregnancy centers by having a diaper drive.  A local Right to Life of Michigan Affiliate can help organize an awareness campaign. Baby items help to assist local families faced with an untimely pregnancy.

  • Send a representative from your faith community to a local Right to Life of Michigan Affiliate meeting in your area. This will heighten awareness of local happenings and help keep your community engaged and informed with local activities.

  • Include Right to Life of Michigan's monthly church bulletin suggestions in your bulletin.  They provide news and educational information to help others stay up-to-date on life issues.

  • Have an adult Sunday school class focus on life issues.  Right to Life of Michigan's Faith Resources web site has sample study guides which can be used.

  • Have copies of prolife publications like the Right to Life of Michigan News at your information desk. Contact the Right to Life of Michigan State Central Office to place a bulk order.

  • Create a cross/flag display to memorialize children lost in your community to abortion. The local Right to Life of Michigan Affiliate can help plan the display.

  • Provide a link on your web site to Right to Life of Michigan's web site, www.rtl.org, and if available your local Affiliate web site.

  • Utilize a prolife PowerPoint presentation during a service, adult Sunday school class or other group meeting. Created in the Image of God is designed to be used around Sanctity of Human Life Sunday in January (also available in Spanish), The Story of Right to Life can be used at any time to educate on the need for prolife activism and What Lies Beneath highlights Planned Parenthood's abortion agenda. All PowerPoint presentations and scripts are accessible from the Faith Resources web page.

  • Add a prolife book to your library and promote it in the bulletin or newsletter.

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