Please join us on Thursday, September 26, 2024, at the Comstock Inn and Conference Center in Owosso, MI for the 51st Annual Right to Life of Michigan Conference. Reservations include a continental breakfast, luncheon, three general sessions, and workshops. We are pleased to announce our speakers Meghan Schrader, disability rights advocate, and Lisa Gigliotti, Esq., a lawyer, author and disability rights advocate. Note: Those who have special dietary needs must contact the RLM state office by September 12, at (616) 532-2300 or e-mail


Messaging: Life. The Other Choice.
Anna Pluymert, Director of Education and Communications

Expanding Our Horizon: Outreach to Students and the Faith Community
Jazlyn Bailey, MiGen Leads Coordinator
Ken Stults, Faith Outreach Coordinator

Increasing Your Online Reach: Sharpening Your Social Media Skills
Gracie Ivy O’Brien, Media Relations and Digital Director

General Session I

Lisa Gigliotti

Lisa K. Gigliotti, Esq., is a decades-long leader in the work to safeguard Michigan from physician-assisted suicide. For more than twenty-five years, Lisa has lived with severe rheumatoid arthritis and myasthenia gravis. Through fourteen major surgeries and recurrent use of a wheelchair, Lisa has maintained a fulfilling and positive life. She has achieved a successful career in roles including an administrative law judge, a policy advisor for the Michigan senate and governor, a Bioethics law professor, writer, and an advocate for people with disabilities and for improving end-of-life care. Lisa will share a powerful message about The Courage to Honor the End of Life (based on her book).

General Session II

Meghan Schrader

Meghan Schrader is a brilliant and engaging disability rights advocate and speaker. Her experience growing up with a learning disorder inspired her extensive advocacy work, which includes serving as an affiliate faculty member in Disability Studies at the University of New Hampshire, the Boston Autistic Self Advocacy Network’s Governing Board (2015), and the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition’s Board. She has been published by Oxford University Press and volunteers as an education advocate for students with disabilities in foster care. Meghan currently serves as an instructor and mentor at the E4Texas (Texas Center for Disability Studies) program at the University of Texas at Austin.

Special Session

Election Update and Get-Out-the-Vote

In this special session, Emily Kroll, Right to Life of Michigan PAC Director, will provide an election update and explain Get-Out-the-Vote activities in detail. This update will be vital, timely information. Absentee ballots are sent on September 26, optional early in-person voting begins in some areas of the state on October 6, and mandatory early in-person voting begins state-wide on October 26, the day of our March to the Polls!