Why Vote?

Elections have Consequences

The results of every election will have outcomes that span multiple generations. That is an ever-present reality at the national, state and local levels. In Michigan, we are seeing the devastating impact of the last election cycle on the cause of life. Overwhelming turn-out is needed to stop pro-abortion politicians.

Your Vote Matters!

A single vote has the ability to change election outcomes.

In 2023, a prolife city councilman near Grand Rapids won his race by only 4 votes. In 2022, there were 3 Michigan Senate seats and 5 Michigan House seats that were determined by less than 1,000 votes each. One vote can determine if a Planned Parenthood is allowed to open in your neighborhood or if dangerous bill packages like the Reproductive Health Act, denying women rights, are allowed to pass.

Civic Duty

We have a civic duty to vote no less today than at any point in history.

“Our political leaders will know our priorities only if we tell them, again and again, and if those priorities begin to show up in the polls,” Peggy Noonan, Speechwriter to President Ronald Reagan.

Even though the election results of recent years have been disappointing and controversial, the duty of every conscientious U.S. citizen to vote is more important than ever. To deny this duty is to surrender innocent lives to those who wish them harm.

In any struggle the side with the most conviction will always win. The victory may not be sudden, and it may not be pretty, but conviction will see us through every hardship, every loss, and every moment of doubt. Those with conviction will not stop until victory is achieved, even if it takes 5 years, 50 years, or 100 more.

So why do we vote? Well, because we are a people of conviction. Life is worth it.

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