Election Billboards

Below are billboard designs offered by Right to Life of Michigan for use by its affiliate groups or prolife organizations. Affiliate groups should contact their local billboard company and make arrangements to purchase the space. You may share the design you plan to use in advance with the billboard company, if required, by sharing this web page. The RLM Art Department will resize the artwork to fit the billboard specifications provided by your billboard company. Because the billboard options below use images licensed by Right to Life of Michigan, the content may not be altered. We will, however, edit the paid for by line on the artwork saying “paid for by (insert affiliate/group name).”

Request Artwork
Please email art@rtl.org with the name of the board below you would like to use, the name of the billboard company and their production specs (most companies provide a pdf). We will send you a proof and then upload final artwork directly to the billboard/printing company.

1. Start With Life (option 1)

3. Start With Life (option 3)

5. Protect Them Both (option 2)

2. Start With Life (option 2)

4. Elections Have Consequences

6. Protect Them Both (option 1)