Senator Debbie Stabenow's Record on Life

Partial-birth abortion

Throughout her years in the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives, Debbie Stabenow voted at least 6 times against a ban on partial-birth abortion and voted a number of times to either strip a bill banning partial-birth abortion of its effectiveness or delay it from becoming law. As recently as 2015 Senator Stabenow voted against the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, instead opting for abortions to be performed on children in utero that can feel pain.

Tax dollars for abortion

While a member of the Michigan Legislature Debbie Stabenow voted to force Michigan taxpayers to pay for abortions through Medicaid in 1987. While in the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives, Debbie Stabenow has voted for tax dollars to pay for abortions at least 8 times and voted at least 11 times for tax dollars to support organizations who provide and promote abortions overseas. She even voted three times on the same day, December 3, 2015, to give Planned Parenthood millions in taxpayer funding. She also voted in 2017 to keep in place President Obama’s last minute Title X rule change that prevents states from defunding abortion providers and directing the funds to health centers that don’t provide abortions.

Using health care reform to fund abortions

During the debate over health care reform legislation in 2009, Senator Stabenow voted against the Hatch-Nelson amendment which would have prohibited the funding of abortion through the government's insurance program and prohibited federal subsidies for private plans that cover abortion. In 2008, Senator Stabenow voted against the Vitter Amendment, which prohibited abortions from being covered in federal health programs for American Indians.

Prenatal protection

Debbie Stabenow voted against the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, also known as "Laci and Conner's Law," in the U.S. Senate. This law allows federal and military prosecutors to bring charges on behalf of a "child in utero" as a second victim when he or she is injured or killed during commission of a violent federal or military crime. Senator Stabenow has also voted twice against amendments to include unborn children as part of the State Children's Health Insurance Program which helps provide children in low-income families with health care.

Human cloning

Debbie Stabenow co-sponsored deceptive legislation which would have legalized human cloning for research purposes. The bill, which intentionally legalizes human cloning, was entitled "Human Cloning Ban Act of 2005" even though it only would have banned attempting to bring a human clone to birth.

Assisted suicide

While in the U.S. House of Representatives, Debbie Stabenow voted against the Pain Relief Promotion Act of 1999. This law would have banned the use of federally controlled substances for use in assisted suicides and promoted pain management and palliative care. While a member of the State Legislature she voted against banning doctor-prescribed suicide even in the wake of the Jack Kevorkian killings.

Recent Votes and Actions

Voting record
During the last 10 years in the U.S. Senate, Debbie Stabenow has a 0% voting record from the National Right to Life Committee.

U.S. Senate votes against legislation to defund Planned Parenthood
Since April 14, 2011 Senator Stabenow has voted three times against defunding Planned Parenthood and voted against a repeal of President Obama’s last minute Title X rule that prevented states from directing funds away from abortion providers and towards health centers that don’t perform abortions.

Numerous donations from pro-abortion organizations
According to, Senator Stabenow's biggest contributor between 2005 and 2010 was EMILY's List, providing her with nearly $200,000 in contributions.

EMILY's List is an avid pro-abortion organization which raises money solely for female pro-abortion candidates who favor tax-funded abortions, partial-birth abortion and are against nearly every piece of commonsense prolife legislation.

Senator Stabenow also received $2,000 from Planned Parenthood's Political Action Committee in 2009-2010. In 2005-2006, she received $10,000 from the National Abortion Rights Action League's PAC. In her 2012 campaign Senator Stabenow received 4 different donations from Planned Parenthood’s Political Action Committee adding up to $7,000 in contributions.

Restricting free speech
In 2014 Senator Stabenow voted for U.S. Senate Joint Resolution 19, a constitutional amendment to repeal portions of the 1st Amendment. She voted to allow federal and state governments to criminalize speech that might influence elections, which would affect every prolife organization’s ability to educate voters.

Abortions for minors
While a member of the Michigan Legislature Debbie Stabenow voted against Michigan’s 1990 law requiring minors to have parental consent before abortion. While in the U.S. Senate Debbie Stabenow voted against the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act, which would stop children from being smuggled across state lines for an abortion without their parents being notified.

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