Clinic Violence - Civil Disobedience

Peaceful solutions to the violence of abortion is the goal of Right to Life of Michigan. Right to Life of Michigan aspires to restore civil rights to unborn children primarily through education and legislation. One of the reasons our organization is comprised of such a large and diverse membership is that our goals have consistently been accomplished through completely non-violent efforts. Any act of violence at abortion clinics deeply concerns Right to Life of Michigan. Those who are involved in violent attacks against clinics and clinic personnel are not part of a truly prolife organization or prolife mind set. An individual who sincerely believes in the inherent sanctity of all human life would never justify the taking of another human life in the name of the unborn. To do so would be completely contradictory to the philosophy of the prolife movement.

Unfortunately, such acts of violence clearly have had a devastating impact on the peaceful mainstream prolife movement. In situations such as these, Right to Life of Michigan finds itself in the unfortunate position of having to defend its role as a non-violent prolife organization to members of the public and the media. In spite of the contention that there is a conspiracy to promote violence within the ranks of the prolife movement, Right to Life of Michigan rejects any attempts to link these isolated incidents to our organization. Right to Life of Michigan has never and will never align itself with any individuals or organizations that foster the use of violence as a justifiable means of defending the unborn.

Right to Life of Michigan also opposes any actions in defense of the unborn that violate either state or federal laws. RLM and its affiliates reaffirm their dedication to lawful efforts in accomplishing their goals and reject any RLM participation in acts of civil disobedience. RLM calls upon its employees, affiliates and members to avoid any involvement of the organization in any of the following activities: use of the Right to Life of Michigan name or designation of individual participants in civil disobedience activities as members or leaders of RLM, participation in or support for civil disobedience or other unlawful activities as RLM affiliates or representatives, raising money as RLM affiliates or representatives or providing RLM funds or assistance to any group involved in civil disobedience and use of RLM membership or mailing lists for any activity involving groups participating in civil disobedience or unlawful activities.

Right to Life of Michigan does support those peaceful activities that are protected under the U.S. and Michigan Constitutions which encompass free speech rights of citizens to peaceably speak, assemble, picket and distribute information in public places. RLM endorses these actions to the extent that no local, state, or federal laws are violated in the process and that no tactics designed to intimidate or harass abortion clinic clients, escorts, workers, counter demonstrators or any member of the public are utilized. Right to Life of Michigan is committed to restoring the civil rights of the unborn child as well as assisting women facing crisis pregnancies. RLM will continue to seek out those solutions that are both peaceful and respectful of life. Violence and civil disobedience have never and will never play a role in promoting the prolife philosophy of Right to Life of Michigan.

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