Talking About Abortion

What are the most common arguments in favor of abortion? How do prolife people answer questions about issues like abortion in cases of rape and incest? What are some ways prolife people can push past empty rhetoric and challenge the opposition to intelligent, thoughtful discussions?

If They Say… You Say…

To change hearts and minds, prolifers must engage those in favor of abortion in civil discussions and compel the pro-abortion side to explain and justify their beliefs. Abortion supporters must prove the unborn either aren’t alive, aren’t human beings, or aren’t deserving of protection. Continuously spouting empty words like “choice,” “reproductive freedom,” and “fundamental rights” are not reasoned arguments. Right to Life of Michigan has created an in-depth guide to talking with people who are in favor of legal abortion. “If They Say… You Say…” features most of the common arguments about abortion you’ll confront in everyday life.

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A very simple technique for discussing abortion is to remember the acronym “SLED.” People who support abortion generally believe born human beings have a right to life, but not unborn human beings. What are the differences between an unborn and born human being that could justify abortion? There are four key differences between born and unborn human beings: Size, Level of development, Environment, and Degree of dependency (SLED). None of these differences justify abortion, just as none of them justify killing a toddler, who is smaller, less developed, and more dependent than an adult.

The Compassion Project

This video series features personal testimonies of women who have first-hand experiences with rape and abortion. The issue of rape and abortion is difficult to discuss because sexual assault is terrible and tragic; it’s unfair that women have to deal with crisis pregnancies in addition. Instead of just abstract discussions, these stories present reality in hearing the voices of those who have lived these situations. Realizing that there are human beings alive today because their mothers chose life—even after rape—creates a crucial human perspective to this issue.


LifeNotes: Life is Precious in Every Circumstance
This in-depth factsheet examines the difficult issue of abortion and rape or incest. Before engaging in a discussion about this topic, every prolife person should understand some very basic facts and realities of the topic.

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If They Say… You Say… Booklet
This pocket-sized booklet contains all of the information from our website’s “If They Say… You Say…” page. It’s available in our online store and makes for a great gift for a young person or new prolife volunteer.

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It’s Easy to Be Prolife
This flyer is a free option to our “If They Say… You Say…” Booklet. It includes several of the most frequent abortion arguments in the same question and answer format.

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