Stem Cell Research and Bioethics

Medical research using stem cells or fetal tissue is a very misunderstood issue. Most people still do not realize that medical advances can be made without ending the life of a developing human being. Choosing to sacrifice one human being to benefit the life of another is wrong.

Embryo Adoption: A Tale of Two Twins

For adopted twins Meredith and Mason Bonnema, fall of 2008 represents life and a future for both. Their adoptive parents were finalizing plans to welcome them to their new family. Meredith and Mason were too small to remember that fall, because they were both smaller than the period at the end of this sentence. They spent the first few months of their adoption in deep freeze, waiting for their chance as embryos to be implanted in their adoptive mother, Kari. Transferred the following February, Meredith and Mason were born in October 2009, about one year after being adopted. While their parents were eagerly waiting for them to become part of their family, a completely different plan was being drawn up for other frozen embryos like Meredith and Mason. Voters in Michigan narrowly approved Proposal 2 in November 2008, allowing embryos to be legally destroyed for experimentation.

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Organizations Supporting Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Right to Life of Michigan maintains a list of organizations and institutions that engage in, funded, or have lobbied government on behalf of research that takes human life.

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Cord Blood Donation

Donating umbilical cord blood and tissue that would otherwise be thrown away is a simple way for people to support ethical forms of stem cell research. For more information on how to donate cord blood in Michigan, visit the Versiti (formerly MI Blood) website.

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The Great Stem Cell Debate
This factsheet provides basic information about the issue and the difference between adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells.

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Sacrificed Without Consent
Our LifeNotes edition on stem cell research provides in-depth information on the potential of stem cells, stem cell research, and the current legal situation regarding embryonic stem cell research.

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Cloning: No Longer Science Fiction
Our LifeNotes edition on human cloning contains information on the process of cloning, the numerous problems with human cloning for research, and current legislation on the issue.

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Talking About Stem Cells
Our “If They Say… You Say…” guide to stem cell research helps prolife people discuss this issue by looking at common arguments in a question and answer format.

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