Planned Parenthood

For many, Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) is a trusted name in affordable reproductive health care. PPFA would like to keep that standing for the hundreds of centers they operate. They would also like to remain the largest provider and promoter of abortion in the United States. To reach both goals, PPFA must distort the truth and provide misleading information to women who are experiencing an unexpected pregnancy.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America Quick Facts

374,115 abortions in 2021, up from 165,174 in 1997. Planned Parenthood commits about 40% of the abortions in the United States.

1,803 adoption referrals in 2021, down from 9,381 in 1997.

207 abortions for every adoption referral they make.

Received more than $670 million from taxpayers in 2021-2022.

Made a profit of $204.7 million in 2021-2022.

(from Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s latest annual report)

Human Organ Trafficking

The prolife group Center for Medical Progress released multiple undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s practices of selling the tissue and organs of aborted babies. The videos released include full footage of their undercover investigations.

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Educational Resources

Providing and Promoting Abortion
A flyer providing a basic overview of Planned Parenthood.

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Margaret Sanger & Planned Parenthood’s Eugenic Worldview
Our in-depth LifeNotes edition examining the life of Margaret Sanger, her views on eugenics, association with well-known racists, and her influence on Planned Parenthood today.

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Girl Scouts Charity Check
A flyer which discusses the connections between the Girl Scouts of the United States of America and abortion, including Planned Parenthood.

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What Lies Beneath PowerPoint
What Lies Beneath is a free PowerPoint presentation detailing the history and abortion mission of Planned Parenthood. The presentation comes with a presenter’s script for a seamless presentation.

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