Families and Abortion

We have all heard the saying: “Abortion is a decision between a woman and her doctor.” This line of thinking is used in an attempt to keep other people from influencing a mother’s choice regarding the life or death decision she will make for her unborn child. For some women, the uncertainty that an unplanned pregnancy brings is a heavy burden. Abortion, for many, feels like the only choice that seems feasible.

Abortions Leave Families Heartbroken

Women are not the only ones who feel the pain and suffering brought about by this last resort. Studies show that abortion leaves families heartbroken. Fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles and siblings also feel the residual undesirable impact of abortion.

To think that an abortion only impacts a mother and her child preparing to be born removes the genuine pain family members experience when abortion touches their lives. For some family members, the pain comes more acutely because they promoted the abortion or chose not to speak up for the child. For other family members, the pain comes after hearing for the first time that a loved one had an abortion. Feelings of not being there to help can be difficult to overcome.

Studies have shown that following an abortion women have reported having relationship problems, vulnerability to abuse alcohol, and using illegal drugs. Women who have abortions have a higher death rate from suicide, homicide and accidents than women who gave birth. While the statistics point to a documented concern, a better understanding may come from the testimony of those who have been brave enough to express how abortion has left their families heartbroken.

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Post-Abortive Counseling & Pregnancy Help
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