President's Message: Fulfilling our purpose for Life


What’s so important about Tuesday, August 2, 2016? It is primary election day in Michigan!

As I sit at my computer writing this, I can just hear your question and commentary, “So what’s so important about this primary election? I’m going to wait and vote in the important general election. I’m not going to waste my time on the primary election. I’m just too busy. I’ll get a chance to vote for my favorite in November.”

My response: Unfortunately, your favorite candidate may not be on the ballot in November. They may not make it out of the primary election.

Because of the way our legislative districts are configured, in many districts a wide majority of voters always support Republican candidates and in others an equally wide majority always support Democrat candidates. As a result, in those districts with such heavy majorities voting for one political party, whichever Republican or Democrat wins the primary election, that person will be the only name on the general election ballot. He or she will automatically be the winner in the November election.

Summertime in Michigan means family vacations, time at the beach and a busy tourist season. Yes, many distractions, so mark your calendars now to vote on August 2nd or apply early for an absentee ballot.

Normally, less than 20% of eligible voters take the time to cast a ballot in the primary election; so each prolife vote is worth even more in electing prolife candidates.

In making your voting decisions, see pages 8-14 for a list of RLM-PAC endorsed candidates. Volunteers from across the state have spent thousands of hours interviewing candidates in order to make the most informed choices possible for these endorsements.

Be an advocate for the unborn; please “Start With Life” when voting on Tuesday, August 2nd.


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