What are Right to Life of Michigan affiliates up to?


Grand Rapids Right to Life hosts an evening with David Daleiden

On April 28 Grand Rapids Right to Life organized a talk featuring David Daleiden, the undercover journalist behind the Planned Parenthood fetal organ trafficking videos.

Daleiden is a busy man, currently involved in several major legal battles. Laura Alexandria, Grand Rapids Right to Life’s director of operations, stated that the event came together thanks to a personal connection between a board member and Daleiden’s legal team.

“It’s important to tap into your resources,” Laura said. “You never know who knows who.”

The event overcame several large hurdles. Several of their venue options turned them down for fear of the controversy. They had a private reception before the main event, creating some logistical challenges. At the last minute Daleiden was forced to fly to Texas to be in court the next morning, followed by another event in Ann Arbor that evening.

“In many ways it was the hardest event we’ve done in my time here,” Laura said.

Laura said they were happy with the results, despite a low-key advertising approach they still filled their room at Grand Valley State University’s downtown campus to capacity.

“Many people told us it was our best event ever,” she said.

Not just county fairs, but church fairs too

Tri-Cities Right to Life in the Grand Haven area is gearing up for a third summer of church fair outreaches.

Their president, Lisa Peters, explained the first year was a learning experience about how to get the crowd’s attention. The second year they moved away from having a booth chock full of information to one featuring a children’s game.

“It’s a hot sunny day; if you don’t do something fun, it’s just not that exciting,” Lisa said.

Their ideas for the children’s game came from Ingham County Right to Life’s homemade baby bottle toss game.

In lieu of many different materials their booths focus on highlighting one important issue or educational opportunity.

“It is much more an opportunity for conversations than to hand people something,” Lisa said.

Saginaw County Right to Life takes their prolife message to the stage

This summer Saginaw County Right to Life will celebrate 10 years of participating in the city of Saginaw’s Friday Night Live free summer concert series.

Saginaw County Right to Life originally got involved thanks to one of their board members who was involved in the city. They found out that Planned Parenthood was going to have a booth there. Planned Parenthood hasn’t been back since.

“We thought it was important for us to have a presence,” Leeta Theiss said, Saginaw County Right to Life’s office manager.

The booth features some materials, fetal models and an interactive quizboard. The main draw for their booth, however, is free face painting for kids.

“It’s gives us an opportunity to share our prolife message with the adults as the kids get their face painted,” Leeta said.

It’s one of many community events their affiliate is involved in, and they are all wonderful opportunities to share a prolife message with people who need to hear it. Adults at their Friday Night Live booth will often take the fetal models, and sometimes share stories about past abortions or miscarriages.

“Some of the stories people share with us are amazing,” Leeta said.



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