By Grace Hemmeke, Right to Life of Michigan Events & Outreach Coordinator

Pregnancy resource centers in Metro Detroit provide much-needed care to many mothers considering abortion. They help these women overcome the difficulties of raising a baby, giving them ultrasounds, clothing, diapers, and counseling as they begin a new and often uncertain chapter of life. Unplanned or unwanted pregnancies can bring fear, shame, and anger, but the volunteers and staff at these pregnancy resource centers provide a way forward for women who may not see a certain future.

Since 2017, Right to Life of Michigan has awarded more than $40,000 to these centers. This has only been possible because of the generous donations and hard work of prolife individuals around the state. If pregnancy centers are where the rubber meets the road, then volunteers and donors are the engines that will drive Michigan to the end of abortion.

This week, Right to Life of Michigan traveled to Metro Detroit to award grants to the pregnancy resource centers there. These grants will assist the pregnancy resource centers with building expenses, diaper funds, and more as they continue to reach out in their communities. We visited:

  • Care Net Detroit
  • Pregnancy Aid
  • Mother and Unborn Baby Care
  • Image Clear Ultrasound – Mobile Unit
  • Madison Family Planning
  • Image of God SW
  • Image of God Corpus Christi
  • Guadalupe Workers

It is truly wonderful what these organizations are doing for the prolife movement, and we at Right to Life of Michigan are honored to help them in their mission. We hope they continue serving the Detroit area as they help women to achieve their dreams and find strength in their roles as mothers.